Cervical Spinal Decompression in San Francisco

drx9000c san francisco
DRX9000c Cervical Decompression

The cervical disc decompression machine we own and operate is the DRX9000c. The DRX9000c is fully computerized and has a built-in biofeedback mechanism that senses the herniated disc patient’s response to the treatment and makes adjustments accordingly.

The cervical decompression system is able to target a specific spinal disc in the neck, such as the C5/6 disc because the computer adjusts the angle of pull according to which disc in the neck is being treated.

Many chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical doctors claim to offer spinal decompression, but it is nothing more than a glorified traction machine. Our spinal decompression system which includes the DRX9000 (lumbar machine) and the DRX9000c (cervical machine) costs over $150,000.

So make sure you do your homework.

In addition, just because a chiropractor or medical clinic has a DRX9000 or DRX9000c, it does not mean they know what to do with it. It takes years of clinical experience and operation to learn how to incorporate it into an overall lumbar and cervical disc herniation repair strategy and protocol.

We have performed over 12,000 decompression sessions on thousands of patients. In fact, we were the first to offer the DRX9000c to San Francisco.

So there you go…if you have been diagnosed with a herniated or bulging disc in the neck or feel you may have one and do not want surgery, you may be a candidate for nonsurgical spinal decompression to the cervical spine with the DRX9000c.

To find out if you are a candidate for cervical spinal decompression in San Francisco please call 415-392-2225 and ask for a complimentary consultation.

PS: We also offer physical therapy and medical case management at our sister clinic Chiro-Medical Group, Inc. a few blocks away.

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